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The Joys of a Peaceful and Quiet Mind…

The Joys of a Peaceful and Quiet Mind…

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt overwhelmed because you had so much to do and so little time? Or perhaps you  have experienced feelings of anxiety and worry because of stresses and pressures at work or juggling your time between home and your career? Perhaps there is sometimes a little self-doubting voice in your head that spouts out unhelpful thoughts that you’re not good or capable enough.  Maybe there are times where you even doubt your own abilities…

The fact of the matter is that many people experience moments of self-doubt, worry, anxiety and stress.  Of course we’re all human and every now and then we all experience the ups-and-downs of life. However, when it’s frequent and it’s affecting your sense of well-being, you feel like you’re existing rather than embracing the beauty of life, progression in your career isn’t happening or you’re not moving forwards in areas of your life, then it can become a problem.

A peaceful and quiet mind is something that eludes many people in this day and age, especially when in the rat-race in London, working long hours, having a demanding schedule (at work and at home), dealing with challenging bosses or colleagues.  Having your own space, some quiet time to yourself where you can have a space to recharge or reflect may seem  like a luxury.

Do you know that in fact the excess ‘noise’ or internal ‘chatter’ in your head can lessen and your mind can become much quieter even though your circumstances may be the same. This is when you have a ‘shift’ from the inside out. Rather than from a change in your external circumstances.  Outer peace and happiness is momentary. Inner peace and happiness is continuous.

When you have a peaceful mind, you will find that you will deal with stressful situations much more calmly, confidently and effectively. High quality thinking will help you solve problems and discover solutions much more easily without having to ‘think’ too much about trying to find the answer. A quiet mind will enable you to lessen any feelings of overwhelm, worry, stress and anxiety. It is the key to balance and well-being.

I’ll be posting more on this subject with lots of useful tips over the next few weeks so please keep your eyes peeled!

With best wishes,