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Body Language Masterclass

“How to Use Your Body Language to Increase Your Sales.”

Do you want to learn how to use your body language to boost your business gravitas and improve your selling skills?

Do you sometimes feel nervous at the thought of speaking in public, perhaps when delivering a presentation? Worrying about how you will come across? Slightly unnerved at the thought of your mind going blank and what others may think?

Whether you are a seasoned networker or a novice, do you sometimes wonder how you will be received (and perceived) when you walk into a room full of people at a business event – especially when faced with mostly complete strangers?

Would you like to know more about how to master your body language to boost your business gravitas, so you create ripe conditions for a potential transaction or strategic alliance to take place in conjunction with a flowing and fruitful conversation?

Yes please Desi, sign me up to this masterclass!

The truth is, your body language and how you carry yourself is the first step in your communications with others – you will create a first impression based on that aspect alone. Which is why it’s crucial to understand what your body language is saying about you. The second line of communication is your voice and lastly, it is the words you use.

If you are a small business owner, clients and customers are the lifeblood of your business. Face-to-face interactions at meetings, networking events and presentations are key to elevating your profile and putting your best foot forward in order to make a positive first impression on others who could be potential clients. Or points of referral.

Think carefully about the following:

How you…

*Walk into a room
*Sit (and where you sit)
*Move your hands
*Look at someone

Consider your facial expressions, your level of eye contact, your micro-gestures, your breathing rate and what you do with your feet.

How good would it be if you learnt…

*the best place to sit around a table in a business meeting to project credibility and create openness = a more successful meeting.

*how to convey and air of confidence and authority (not arrogance!) when attending a business event = projecting a certain air about you that makes you more appealing and approachable to others.

*how to increase rapport and connection to create a more positive interaction in a sales meeting = a potential new client.

*the foundations of how to feel calm and confident when speaking in public = delivering a powerful and memorable presentation that makes your audience want to know more about your services.

*how to be more charismatic to help you sell more = people buy people and from people they know, like and trust!

*the basics of body language will help you create more powerful business interactions to help you win more clients.

Are you ready?

Come and join us!

Fee £15 BNNL members
Fee £25 Non-members

Date: Wednesday 11 March

Time: 1.30pm – 2.30pm

Venue: Jolly Farmers, 2 Enfield Road, Enfield EN2 7QS

To RESERVE your SPOT, click on the link below today as spaces are limited. Don’t miss out!

A mini-biog on Desi…

As a trained presenter (a certified NLP trainer and seasoned public speaker), she brings over 23 years experience in presentation skills and body language awareness. Her previous role was working as a TV Producer employed by ITV and the main terrestrial channels and top independent companies working with the likes of :-

  • Chris Tarrant
  • Davina McCall
  • Anne Robinson
  • The late-Terry Wogan
  • Neil Morrissey
  • Melinda Messenger
  • Paul Ross
  • Dame Edna Everage….to name but a few…

One of her roles would be to coach celebrity interviewees on how to use their body language on camera for greater impact, creating a aware of confidence, authenticity and charisma.


Here are what a few previous attendees had to say…

I was interested working with Desi because she has expertise to alter the exercises to suit your needs, therefore you get exactly the type of assistance you require. I was particularly interested in improving the power of my voice and making my presentation delivery more engaging through body language. Desi’s coaching has helped a great deal and I now enjoy being asked to speak and can really take advantage of opportunities to promote my organisation to large groups of people. I would highly recommend working with Desi to help you fulfil your potential.” – Despina Johnson CEO Enfield Enterprise

“Well thought out and structured. Desi presented very articulately, commanded audience attention and an excellent example of practising what you preach. It was so useful and productive. Thanks Desi!”Annette P, Solicitor, London

“Desi is a fantastic trainer. I was fortunate to attend a course with her on presenting skills and body language. By the end of it, I conquered my awkward style of presenting, not to mention my fears. Desi helps you understand the root cause of your fears and this reasoning works towards eliminating unsupportive thoughts and inhibitions. A trainee emerges enlightened, confident and enthusiastic.  I can highly recommend Desi. Her style is gentle, compassionate and effective.” – Prasanna, Complementary Therapist, Herts.

“I joined in a course given by Desi to help with body language. I took away skills that not only have been of benefit to my business but also in everyday life. A practical session with immediate results and delivered in a professional way. I can recommend Desi completely.” – Nicola, Managing Director, The CreativeHaus Ltd, Herts.

“I attended one of Desi’s presentation sessions and can’t believe how much I learnt in such a short space of time – it was most enlightening! I found Desi to be very professional whilst providing a fun and enjoyable experience.” –Debbie Shaw, Chartered Accountant, Herts.

“I would thoroughly recommend training with Desi – her energy and enthusiasm for her work is infectious. She has the ability to put even the most nervous of candidates at their ease. Being someone who was rather terrified of presenting, it was a relief to find Desi had a whole heap of techniques to overcome this. With her fun training and understanding approach any worries on presenting will soon disappear!”Katrina, Wellbeing Coach, Essex

“Very clear, nice pace, lots of time to ask questions and discuss our own experiences and worries. Lots of interesting tools and techniques to take away and practise. It was really useful – I feel much more positive about group speaking and I will be able to do it now!” – Rochelle, teacher, London

The session was very well paced, unrushed and immensely useful. The outcome was positive and the immediate results were very encouraging and useful. The incentive to go out and do an immediate presentation made it very worthwhile and I wish I had done this sooner. I love the feeling of being calm and able to breathe again!”  – Chris, Software Developer, London

“Working with Desi has been such a rewarding experience for me, she has helped enormously with a fear of public speaking and through working with her I have gone from cowering in the corner at networking events to actually looking forward to speaking – something I never thought possible.  Desi is extremely empathetic and the exercises that she gave me to do were very useful – they made me look at my business in a different light and to think about it in a more positive and forward-thinking way.” – Denise Chester, Personal Training & Nutrition Business

“I had several sessions with Desi prior to giving a new presentation at a major event. She listened with a perceptive ear, watched with a keen eye, and helped me shape it with pearls of wisdom. This not only improved the presentation, but also put me in a far better position to deliver it effectively.  The event was a great success…and I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Thanks Desi – you made all the difference!”– Penelope Tobin, CEO, Barrier Breakers

We have limited availability so to  ensure your place, please click on the link below: