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Ultimate Self Confidence Programme

Take Ownership of Your Life: The Ultimate Confidence Building Programme for Women Professionals 

Has there ever been a time when you missed out on an opportunity because you lacked the confidence to go for it?

Do you have moments of self-doubt?

Are there certain situations that you shied away from because you felt uncomfortable?

Do you ever find yourself being over-submissive in certain scenarios for fear of ‘rocking the boat’, confrontation or causing offence?

If you want to build your confidence in order to grow your business or progress your career or simply find purpose, happiness, meaning and direction – then this coaching programme is for you.


If you are a woman and you’d love to build your confidence in order to…

  • feel good about yourself and your life in general
  • progress your career or grow your business
  • create and pursue opportunities with eagerness and enthusiasm
  • ask for and go for what you want easily and comfortably
  • be able to set firm boundaries and be able to say ‘no’ where appropriate
  • have the courage to remove yourself from toxic situations and environments (personal or work)
  • no longer allow other peoples’ negativity to affect you
  • stop taking things so personally
  • develop more supportive, positive thinking
  • cultivate a deeper sense of fulfilment in your life in general…then this coaching program is for YOU.


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Lack of confidence and self-doubt limits your successes, your purpose, your happiness, your achievements, your fulfillment and your results because it stops you from communicating or going for what you truly want.

Often, many women end up being over-submissive, passive or putting up with a second-rate situation – be it in business or in personal situations and end up feeling bad.

This programme is for you:

  • If you run your own business: you will develop a more empowered state of mind allowing you to increase your sales and win more clients.
  • If you are employed within a company: employee, leader or manager: this type of coaching will help you progress your career, find your purpose, set and reach your goals.
  • If you simply want to lead a more happier and more fulfilling life, to feel confident and empowered in any situation, a sense that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to without negative self-chatter nor allow other people’s negative opinions to affect you.


Coaching Programme Outcomes:

  • Increase your self belief so you feel more comfortable expressing yourself fully
  • Communicate with confidence and clarity to potential clients, customers, bosses and/or colleagues to ask for a payrise/promotion, get a new job, close the deal, increase your sales or win more clients
  • Set firm boundaries so that certain people won’t take advantage of you
  • Ask for what you want easily without worrying what others may think
  • Develop a more supportive and positive way of thinking to achieve greater results in your career
  • Negotiate confidently in a business situation to close a client
  • Increase your presence and credibility so that you make a magnetic impression at work or with potential customers so that you increase your sales, get a promotion or land a new job.
  • Develop a calm, peaceful state of mind no matter what’s going on around you
  • Feel happier and more fulfilled
  • Discover and realise your purpose, meaning and life’s direction


 Click here to book your FREE 15 minute Online Call/Phone consultation.


How does this all work?

The coaching programme is conducted on a 1-1 basis either face-to-face (offices based in Liverpool St and Barnet) or through online video conference call. It is completely bespoke and tailored to your needs.  To register your interest please get in touch via here where will conduct an initial FREE 15 minutes consultation via Online call/Phone for us to understand more fully what your challenges are to develop a bespoke programme that’s right for you. Then we can enrol you on the programme.


So what would happen after you enrolled on the coaching programme?

Imagine this situation now. You feel able to ask for what you want, comfortably and confidently. You feel more confident setting boundaries. You can assert yourself more easily in the workplace so that others respect you more and feel more empowered in progressing your career or growing your business.  You stroll into a room full of strangers and easily strike up conversations with ease and people are magnetically drawn to you. You are able to express yourself easily and communicate exactly what you want without fear of rocking the boat. You know you deserve to be happy, successful and be treated with respect by others. You value yourself and your thoughts are positive and supportive and you feel good and peaceful inside, full of life and vitality. You feel calm and confident with a zest for life and a sense of purpose, meaning and direction.

Coaching places are limited and are by invitation only so please get in touch today to ensure that we are able to reserve your spot on the programme.

 Click here to book your FREE 15 minute online call/Phone consultation.