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Win Clients With Ease Programme

“Win Clients with Ease”

 Win More Clients, Grow your Sales, Increase your Profits.

 A bespoke 1-1 tailored coaching program for small businesses, organisations and solopreneurs.

 Learn how to sell more effectively, without a shred of pushy, hard sales techniques!  Did you know there are 5 magic ingredients and 6 key elements at play in attracting clients that go beyond marketing and business strategies, that will enable you to win new clients easily and ethically?

With many businesses offering similar products and services, it’s imperative that you stand out from the crowd. Get these elements right and you could be signing up a new client. Get them wrong and you could be kissing goodbye to a sale without realising.

 “I used her unique proven approach – and won £5000 of business within 45 minutes. Wow! ” Dawn, Consultant, Hertfordshire.

These elements will make you a client magnet and will enable you to win more clients and increase your selling ability in a ‘win-win’ ethical manner – WITHOUT a shred of hard sell. In today’s economic climate, standing out from the competition is paramount to your success.

If you have 10 accountants in a room, what is it about the one who is chosen above the others that goes beyond price, qualifications and criteria?

It’s because there are 5 magic ingredients that are at play that are nothing to do with marketing and business strategies and on our 1-1 bespoke coaching program, we help you to develop these in order to increase your client base.

Our bespoke 1-1 coaching program is ideal for small business owners, solo-preneurs, sales people, recruitment consultants, coaches, accountants, solicitors, directors and managers.  There are only 6 places available – so first come first served!

If you are interested in finding out more, get in touch:  Click here to book your no-obligation FREE 20 minute Skype/Phone consultation. Alternatively you can request an information pack.


Are you or do you know someone in business who is experiencing any or all of these?


  • The phones aren’t ringing as much as you’d like them to
  • You’re working fairly hard, but not quite getting the rewards from your efforts that you’d hoped
  • You feel you don’t have enough time in the day
  • You feel like you’re working ‘in’ your business rather than ‘on’ your business.
  • You have moments of self-doubt that enter your head
  • You simply want to find new ways to increase your client base

The fact of the matter is, that most businesses at some point, suffer from some or all of these challenges and mistakenly thing they can’t do anything about it. Wrong!

It is absolutely possible to reach and engage new clients, build win-win relationships based on trust, develop partnerships and make a decent living even in today’s economic climate.


  • Are you interested in winning more business and paying clients?
  • Have you invested time, money and energy in developing your marketing and growing your business?
  • Are you interested in developing the ability to increase your selling capacity and your client base?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you may wish to consider booking onto our 1-1 Win Clients with Ease bespoke coaching program to help you understand and break through some of your limitations that go beyond learning marketing tactics and business strategies.


Click here to book your FREE 20 minute Skype/Phone consultation. We will get back to you asap!

There’s no obligation to book on our coaching program after the call. It’s purely up to you if you want to take it further and win more clients!

If you want to become more comfortable selling in an authentic way, increase your number of new clients and have a higher client retention rate, you may be interested in our 1-1 coaching program.

What I would now do is to book your FREE one-2-one 20 minute coaching session by contacting us here.

Look forward to speaking with you!

Best wishes,