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Here’s what some clients and delegates had to say…

“We have worked with Desi for 6 years and she is an excellent trainer, assisting entrepreneurs to gain the confidence and skills they require for public speaking and presentations. Over the last 3 years, Desi has delivered sessions on presentation skills to participants on the advanced Female Founders Accelerator Programme and used her knowledge and techniques to help female entrepreneurs overcome their fear of public speaking. Desi is also an excellent coach, supporting people on a ‘one to one’ basis to improve their public speaking skills to become more effective speakers.”

~ Despina Johnson CEO Enterprise Enfield & The North London Chamber of Commerce and Industry


“I took Desi’s Mindset M.O.T today and it was eye opening. She is very experienced at helping you find out if you have any limiting beliefs. After this M.O.T I definitely want to learn more with Desi’s help. I highly recommend doing this Mindset M.O.T if you get the chance 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”.

Darren Jewell, Inspirational Speaker, London


“Desi is a remarkable coach who is great at looking at relevant issues in a methodical and structured way. Consideration was given to factors that could be blocking my progress as well as key issues that would help to propel me forward and gain the success that I am looking for. Mindset, confidence and good communication skills are key, and it was great to explore them as well as lots of other positive tips and cues.”

Claudette Woolfson, Nutritionist, London


“I attended one of Desi’s workshops ‘Selling with Confidence’ and it was fantastic. I got so much out of it. Lots of great tips. Now to put it into practice!! Desi really knows her stuff & I would highly recommend working with her.”

Serena Manda, Graphic Designer & Branding Consultant, London


“I joined the Mindset Revival Blueprint to deepen my understanding of how I can influence my mindset, and it truly transformed the way I think.”

Yara Somma, Art Director, London

“Desi Christou is an absolute gem! Her professionalism and expertise shine through in every interaction. I highly recommend Desi Christou to anyone seeking to get results and better themselves, to grow their confidence and achieve more focus in the direction they want to go with their business.”

Oana Gadelean, Music Teacher & Violinist, London

“It is my pleasure to endorse Desi, based on the enlightening session she conducted on mastering mindset for success during a Women’s International Day event. Desi’s expertise in mindset and identifying limiting beliefs shone through in her sessions, fostering clarity and offering valuable insights to participants. Moreover, I had the privilege of a one-on-one session with Desi which help me to find clarity. I am happy to recommend Desi to anyone seeking guidance in personal development and mindset growth.”

Ola Soneye, I.T. Leader, London


“Desi worked with me on my presentation skills in preparation for a major event. Prior to the presentation, I was terrified, I did not feel able to communicate my message clearly, I knew what I wanted to say but it was just not coming across well. Working with Desi was more than just presentation skills training, she really helped me to develop my confidence, articulate my message clearly in a way that was engaging to the audience and really worked with me to remove those limiting beliefs. I have to say after the presentation the feedback I received was phenomenal. Thanks Desi.”

Ola O., Digital Marketing Consultant, Cambridgeshire


“Desi ran a training course  called ‘Elevate your Confidence’ for a major City-based recruitment agency  and the feedback from the attendees was excellent. All candidates reported significantly feeling more confident as a result of the day. All candidates reported being deeply impressed by the tools and techniques that they could adapt to all aspects of their work lives. We’re working with Desi again in the future such was her impact.”

– Maggie Berry, Managing Director, Women in Technology UK


“Desi has been fantastic to work with and the ‘Building Confidence’ workshops that she has run for the  Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), in London, was received very well by our women members.The feedback received was so good that we decided to organise similar events for our women members.  The delegates said that they would recommend the event and would like to see more courses from Desi.   Based on this feedback, we are continuing to work with her, in order to continue to engage with our women members in various parts of the UK.  Thank you for making the event such a success!’’

– Jo Foster, Membership Executive, Institute of Engineering and Technology.


“Desi enabled me to overcome my life-long fear of public speaking and transform it into a joyful activity.  She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and empathetic.  Desi is particularly adept at creating a safe space in which it is possible to experiment, take risks, play and become confident in the acquisition of a new – and very valuable – skill.” 

– Elaine Hopkins aka The Redundancy Crusader


I was interested in ‘one to one’ coaching with Desi because she has expertise to alter the exercises to suit your needs, therefore you get exactly the type of assistance you require. I was particularly interested in improving the power of my voice and making my presentation delivery more engaging. Desi’s coaching has helped a great deal and I now enjoy being asked to speak and can really take advantage of opportunities to promote my organisation to large groups of people. I would highly recommend working with Desi to help you fulfil your potential.” 

– Despina Johnson CEO 


woman with symbol ok“Desi is absolutely fantastic!! I did my seminar last night and it went very well – no nerves or anything! After 20 years, my fear of public speaking has gone!! Thank you soooo much!!”

– Gareth, Accountant & Business Coach, London


“Desi has helped me understand how to market my business in a way that retains the essence of what I offer, without resorting to generic sales techniques. She has supported me through a massive learning curve and I feel like a different person since learning all these simple techniques. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, supportive and patient. She saw exactly what I needed and gave information to me in ways I could access and amend it according to my personality. I have significantly increased my turnover following our coaching sessions and now feel confident to network, present and push myself further to achieve my goals. I thoroughly recommend her!”  

– Rochelle Cutler, Small Business Owner


“Working with Desi has been such a rewarding experience for me, she has helped enormously with a fear of public speaking and through working with her I have gone from cowering in the corner at networking events to actually looking forward to speaking – something I never thought possible.  Desi is extremely empathetic and the exercises that she gave me to do were very useful – they made me look at my business in a different light and to think about it in a more positive and forward-thinking way.”

– Denise Chester, Personal Training & Nutrition Business, London


“I had several sessions with Desi prior to giving a new presentation at a major event. She listened with a perceptive ear, watched with a keen eye, and helped me shape it with pearls of wisdom. This not only improved the presentation, but also put me in a far better position to deliver it effectively.  The event was a great success…and I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Thanks Desi – you made all the difference!”

– Penelope Tobin, CEO, Barrier Breakers, London


Hiker cheering“Before seeing Desi, I recognised that I had gotten to a point where I had allowed my mindset to become destructive. My daily thoughts had started to weigh heavily, growing more knotted and tangled…and eventually unproductive. The sessions with Desi helped me learn techniques to help myself slowly dismantle my negative thought pattern, so that eventually my busy mind started to quieten and learn how to sooth itself. Desi’s inspiring, soothing words have challenged me to positively shift my perception of what I believed to be my reality. This is an investment I am so glad I made.” 

– Josephine, Full-Time Mum, Part-Time Student and Aspiring Entrepreneur! London


‘’ Thanks very much for organizing these webinars. I attended the Art of Ethical Influence and Persuasion and it was extremely informative, one of the best webinars I have ever attended!”  Doreen – IET (Institute of Engineering and Tech webinars).


“I have really enjoyed working with Desi. She is inspirational and my coaching/presenting journey has produced many, many happy results. I would highly recommend this amazing experience. Desi uses a wealth of tools and techniques and produces brilliant outcomes. I am so pleased that i made the step towards hiring Desi and can now deal with presentations in a new and better light .”

– Emma Lane, Photographer, AMWELL STUDIO, Hertfordshire


“The reason I went to Desi was because I was stuck in my business. However much I tried I couldn’t move forward. I felt something major was holding me back. I used to get very anxious when I had to do any public speaking which was an important part of my business! Desi taught me simple techniques that helped me change my perception and clear my anxiety. Incredibly after just a few sessions with Desi my anxiety had gone! I now look forward to speaking in public and find enjoyment and no longer dread  meeting new business prospects. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way and realise that irrational fears control us. Desi helped me look deep and find solutions. Money well spent and my business is now blossoming! Thank you Desi.”

– Paula Antoniou, Independent Consultant, Hertfordshire


“Things are going pretty well for me at the moment… I have an interview for promotion next month, and my boss was pretty positive about my application, so I feel pretty good about that. I have also managed to lose about 10 kg, which I know was in large part due to finally believing I COULD do it!  I still have the odd day where I feel like a fish out of water…But it doesn’t  last long. I can snap myself out of it a lot faster!  So, thanks again for all your coaching help last year! I think I’d be in a very different place in my life without it! “

– J Ford, Engineer, Surrey


“I have used Desi’s services and found her coaching to be excellent. She has helped me to set, clarify  and achieve my goals and exceed expectations of myself. I would highly recommend her services to you to help you overcome your challenges and achieve things you never thought possible.”

– Hylton Forrester, CEO, London


“Before I started coaching and presentation skills with Desi, I could not stand up for more than 10 seconds to deliver an effective and professional pitch and I would feel nervous. Desi has shown me in a matter of weeks of how to stand up in front of an audience and present in an effective, calm and professional manner. Now I am confident and look forward to standing up in from of an audience as I am confident I can deliver a good speech. I would highly recommend Desi and thank her very much for helping me over come my fear of public speaking.” 

“I had a fresher course from Desi 2 years after my initial training for public speaking and I must say that the attention to detail and clarity of the content is as excellent now as it was 2 years ago. I cannot thank Desi enough for helping me in public speaking & coaching and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their public speaking and coaching skills.”

– Kyri Loizides, Director, The Property Tree, London


“Desi has made me alot more confident in doing my presentations and her techniques really kept me focused. Thank you Desi.”

– Lorraine Williams, Hair Stylist, Hertfordshire


“Thank you for the support and guidance you have given me. I have learned many new ‘presentation’ techniques and are now able to articulate myself effectively and clearly with confidence ‘when dealing with business audiences to help create new strategic connections and clients. It has been a great journey and you always made me feel welcome and even though our sessions were meant for an hour on occasions did stretch a little longer. It is a fantastic  programme and absolutely value for money. It is obvious that you enjoy what you do and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and wish you every success in future.”

– Neelai Patel, Accountant, London


“I can highly recommend Desi Christou as a business coach. We have had a number of sessions which have helped me set realistic and achievable business goals. I am quite a driven person, however, having Desi’s support and guidance has made me more focused and confident in my ability to go further, to grow my business and run the company in a more systemised way. Thanks Desi for your support and encouragement!!”

Kirsti Hart, Director, Violet Accounting Solutions, Hertfordshire


“Following the breakdown of a significant relationship I became increasingly overwhelmed and paralysed by negative thoughts and anxiety. Through the professional use of tools and techniques, Desi has helped me to both become very calm and take control of my mind. Intuitive and encouraging, Desi has highlighted how changes made internally can have significant impacts externally. After 6 months of working with Desi my relationships have become more connected and rewarding, I spend more time engaged in my passions and I’ve even received a pay rise. I can once again feel excited about what the future holds. Thank-you Desi.”

– Elena Christie, Planning and Project Manager, London


“Desi has turned me put structure and direction into my business.  I have developed a ‘Just Do It’ attitude as opposed to “I don’t know what/how to do it. I’m keeping busy and focused all thanks to you!! I am now able to take an external view of any problem and address it objectively resulting in a quick turnaround solution giving me more time and energy to focus on developing my business further. I have the confidence to say ‘No’ and manage mine and clients expectations comfortable.  Desi has guided and coached me to have the direction and structure I was missing in my business.  I would whole heartedly recommend Desi and will continue to consult with her in the future.”

– A. Theo, Personal Fitness Trainer, North London


“Desi is confident and very perceptive to the needs of her clients. With her skillful language and smile she makes complicated strategies seem very easy. She is a great person to work with and always gets results positive results!”

– Janet, Consultant, Essex


“After spending three  days with Desi refreshing some  of  my NLP and presentation skills,  I was really happy with the value in time and money terms that I have received from Desi. She is a very knowledgable and skillful coach & teacher who loves her job and she genuinely cares for  her customers and that they get results and she delivers that. Thank you for everything.”

– Kostas K, Holistic Health Practitioner, South London


“I thought I’d let you know that I finally passed my driving test! I took it yesterday morning and passed. I’m so pleased, I still can’t quite beleive it! I got there in the end. I must say that I thought the test centre was very strict in the reasons for failing people. I can’t wait to start looking for a car and driving places. Thank you for all your help, you really did help massively with my attitude towards driving and feeling much calmer and more confident behind the wheel.”

– Bridget Bobb, London


“When I first went to see Desi I had recently separated from my husband of 27 years.  There were a few family issues which I was finding it very difficult to deal with.  I found that I could not deal with the problems that were arising and I was always thinking too much, feeling anxious, stressed and analysing situations.   Often I would be in tears not knowing where to turn or how to cope.  I was feeling. I immediately found Desi to be very easy to talk to and understanding.  She gradually helped me learn techniques to combat the feelings that I had and it was not long before I was finding that our sessions were extremely beneficial.  After a while I found that I was coping with things a lot better in a much calmer manner, and now when I find myself in situations that are challenging I use the knowledge that I have gained and it continues to help me.”

– Linda, Marketing Executive, Hertfordshire


“Well thought out and structured presentation workshop, “Presenting with Confidence”. Desi presented very articulately, commanded audience attention and an excellent example of practising what you preach. It was so useful and productive. Thanks Desi!”

Annette, lawyer, London 


Customer service satisfaction survey


“It’s emotional, revealing and rewarding – all in the same pot. But with Desi’s skills and empathy, my experience, ‘was incredible. It is not so easy to describe – I can only say ‘it was being released’. However, because of the profound nature of the experience, it was vital to have Desi’s skills and her personal contribution. She is actually an artist as well as a professional…”

David, Entrepreneur, London



“I attended one of Desi’s presenting skills workshops and can’t believe how much I learnt in just a few hours – it was most enlightening! I found Desi to be very professional whilst providing a fun and enjoyable experience.”

– Debbie, Accountant, Hertfordshire


“Desi is a fantastic coach. I was fortunate to attend a course with her on presenting skills. By the end of it, I conquered my awkward style of presenting, not to mention my fears. Desi helps you understand the root cause of your fears and this reasoning works towards eliminating unsupportive thoughts and inhibitions. A trainee emerges enlightened, confident and enthusiastic. All in half a day! I can highly recommend Desi. Her style is gentle, compassionate and effective.”

Prasanna, Complementary Therapist, Hertfordshire


“I would thoroughly recommend training with Desi – her energy and enthusiasm for her work is infectious. She has the ability to put even the most nervous of candidates at their ease. Being someone who was rather terrified of presenting, it was a relief to find Desi had a whole heap of techniques to overcome this. With her fun training and understanding approach any worries on presenting will soon disappear!” 

– Katrina, Coach, Essex


“Very clear, nice pace, lots of time to ask questions and discuss our own experiences and worries. Lots of interesting tools and techniques to take away and practise. It was really useful – I feel much more positive about group speaking and I will be able to do it now!”

– R, C. Teacher and Group Leader, London


“The session was very well paced, unrushed and immensely useful. The outcome was positive and the immediate results were very encouraging and useful. The incentive to go out and do an immediate presentation made it very worthwhile and I wish I had done this sooner. I love the feeling of being calm and able to breathe again!” 

– Chris, Software Developer, London


“I attended a presentation by Desi  and I have to say I was very impressed. Desi conducted a professional presentation that was interactive, informative, interesting, motivating and covered some very useful tips that I will be using myself in future. I look forward to the next presentation that I can attend as Desi is one of the best speakers I have heard in a long while!”

– Philippa, Business Owner, Hertfordshire


“Dear Desi, I found you to be so professional and knowledgeable and yet still approachable and very human and also a walking example of practicing what you teach others. The sessions with you were so beneficial in helping me to stop emotions controlling my decision making in a detrimental way and reaching a more balanced, positive, enlightened state of being. The Time Line Therapy is an amazing tool for releasing negative emotions and although I was hesitant at first as I imagined I would have to relive traumatic past events, and even the minor ones, I soon discovered there was nothing to fear and that the therapy avoids having to do so. I felt emotionally lighter, clear minded and happier after the session and even tried to teach it to others a few times!! The ongoing benefits are priceless and the technique a valuable piece of armour going through life. Thank you once again for your insight and guidance in connecting with the power of my sub-conscious mind.” 

– Ang, Solicitor, London


“I joined in a course given by Desi to help with presentation skills. I took away skills that not only have been of benefit to my business but also in everyday life. A practical course with immediate results and delivered in a professional way. I can recommend Desi completely for the training given to myself and the other course participants who all required something different from the day.” 

– Nicola, Graphic Designer, Herts.


“Desi helped me to overcome the internal problems that had affected me for a long time. She explained everything fantastically and has helped to change my life for the better. I would recommend Desi to anybody needing guidance.”

– James, singer & teacher, Hertfordshire


“It’s amazing how a few simple techniques can make such a massive change. Desi’s mind and people skills are superb. I’d recommend her to anyone so feel free to find truth behind what am saying for yourself, you’ll be blown-away…” 

– Philip, Student, London


“A short while into my breakthrough session with Desi, all my problems seemed so alien to me that I couldn’t remember why I’d brought them to her! Desi had such confidence that I could make all the changes I wanted to and more, that it was impossible to not make them! I now have complete trust in myself and I know I can accomplish anything!” 

– Mike, computer programmer, Hertfordshire


“I have had the pleasure of being part of an audience when Desi has presented a variety of practical psychology topics; her delivery is both eloquent and paced to a level of utmost clarity. Desi`s depth of knowledge left me in awe and she made the presentation really easy to understand. Learning is easy and also fun with her…” 

– Paul, Sports Coach, Germany


“Desi is an excellent trainer and Desi’s passion, energy and knowledge of the subject shows through in her training sessions. I have enjoyed participating in Desi’s training sessions, which gave me new insights in to the subject matter and I can recommed Desi to anyone.”

– Ian, Business Consultant, Yorkshire


“I suffered from social anxiety for 9 years. It effected my whole life and caused me so much pain mentally and physically. I went to see Desi and she helped me get back to the ‘real me’ in 2 days. It really is INCREDIBLE and i’m so very happy to be comfortable and relaxed around people. It was really powerful stuff and my life will never be the same after that. My life is going to really take off from here. YES! If you have any problems in your life, go see her!”

– A.B., teacher, London


‘Desi’s training style is both relaxed and accurate, making learning very easy.  Her enthusiasm for the subject was evident throughout the training, making it a lot of fun.  The knowledge of NLP that Desi demonstrates is vast and her understanding of her audience means that even the most complex of topics was made easy to understand.  Highly recommended.’

– Christine, Business Coach, Manchester


“I have had the privilege to work with Desi over the last year, I find her approach both exciting and inspirational; Desi is passionate and focused and both of these result in the desired results being achieved. Desi will entertain you and educate you….Both of which will form part of an immensely  enjoyable experience…”

– Pip, Business Owner, Bedfordshire


“Her understanding of my problem and solution were outstanding. I would happily recommend her to anyone. Her cheerful disposition and understanding nature compliment the fantastic skills she has at her disposal. If you need help with a problem then look no further!” 

– Garth, Broker, Hertfordshire


“I went to see Desi to resolve some emotional baggage, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that I had been carrying around with me for years. She guided me through how to leave the concerns and what I had perceived as challenges right in the room where we’d met. Desi coached me through a mixture of Time Line Therapy and NLP techniques and I left the room with all my old baggage removed. I got the result I was after through Desi’s empathetic and structured approach.  I can honestly say that if you are considering a visit to Desi, for what ever reason, do it now. She is that good!”

– Paul, Sales Director, Surrey


“I loved working with Desi. Very personable & knowledgeable in her work. Look forward to seeing you again Desi!”

– Hayley, Executive, London


“Thank you so much Desi for helping me deal with a particularly shocking and traumatic event. I didn’t think it was possible in only a few hours to deal with an event that had affected me so badly in all areas of my life, to the point where I was full of anxiety about being in public or crowded places, (particularly public transport where being near others is unavoidable), being unable to concentrate at work and generally feeling unsafe and fearful. Thank you for sharing your techniques to dissolve the emotion and taking the time to help me move past the event and get on with my life.  I felt immediately 100% better upon walking out and am so grateful for people like you who have taken the time to learn the techniques that make very real positive improvements to peoples’ lives and are so willing to share these.”

– A.P., Manager, London


“I’d like to thank you for all the techniques you’ve taught me. I can really see a difference in myself. I am determined to keep the positive habit!” 

– L, B. Hertfordshire


“I just wanted to say thank you so much with your help at teaching me to guide myself to the root of my problems, dealing with them so quickly, and giving me the tools I desperately needed to keep myself growing more and more. Since that weekend I have grown so, so much emotionally and even spiritually. I found that I am now connected with my emotions and found what I’m here for. I want to also help as many people as I can. Words cannot describe what you have given me…”

– Mark, London


“…a very useful and applicable course that you will use as part of your every day life. You’ll find that Desi makes the course very entertaining, interesting and interactive!”
-Alex, Project Manager, Hertfordshire


“…the course was delivered with passion by Desi who obviously loved and lived everything she was explaining….!”
– Ali, I.T. Programmer, London


“….the intro course was a well presented course and it was good fun…!”
-K.D., I.T. Consultant, London


“….loved the interactivity of the course…”
– Tony, Project Manager, London


“I came to Desi for some life guidance, having sat and discussed my feelings and the negative thoughts that surrounded me. I was really able to talk to her openly and confidently as I felt as she immediately recognised certain destructive traits within me and helped me turn those around into something more positive. I felt an extreme state of serenity when she started to deal with all the surrounding issues that prevented me from seeing clearly and to a certain extent blocking the true potential that I really have. With her help and guidance she has helped me to totally turn my life around. I now feel totally confident and content with my life. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as I find her completely brilliant in every manner to help the individual learn how to heal themselves and provide solutions to any issue….”
A. Fernando, Engineer, Hertfordshire


“One of my biggest issues was a lack of confidence within myself and that was my biggest problem that stopped me from being happy. During the session I realized that I could simply let go of negative emotions and replace them with more happy ones, while embracing a much more positive attitude to life and learn to enjoy it and take things as they come rather than trying to control external events that I have no control over. After the sessions I felt much calmer, confident and happier within myself….”
M.A., Project Manager, Hertfordshire


“Chocolate had always seemed to have a strange power over me.  I knew I was eating too much and had tried many times to cut down but I just couldn’t keep away from the stuff!  At my wits end, I heard about Desi’s NLP technique and immediately signed up for a session.  Desi was very thorough and calm and I was so pleased with the results.  After my session I was amazed to find that I wasn’t even tempted to eat chocolate!  I just felt indifferent to it.  Now it doesn’t matter if anyone brings any chocolate into the office – I know I will be able to resist…!”
R. Williams, Managing Director, Production Company, London


“I was terrified of spiders. I’d check the house for any spiders and I’d waste huge amounts of time searching for spiders in every room. If I came across one, I’d be absolutely terrified and get into a state of panic. I’d have to ring my dad to come over and get rid of it! I’d avoid going outside in nature in the spring and summer months because of what may lurk in the grass and trees. Picnics and garden BBQs were a definite no-no! After seeing Desi for a session, my perception towards spiders totally changed, they no longer had any effect on me. I now really enjoy having picnics and BBQs in the great outdoors and no longer waste time searching the house for spiders as they no longer bother me!”
Carla, HR, Switzerland


**N.B. For some client therapy confidentiality purposes, some of the names are not provided in full or abbreviated for those who wish to remain anonymous.

For more information and to book your course or one-to-one personal session with Desi, ring us on 0845 388 8213 or send us an email via our contact page!