Upgrade your Mind.

Upgrade your Mind.

Conquer your Fears.

Conquer your Fears.

Embrace your Power.

Embrace your Power.

Harness the Limitless Power of your Mind to Navigate Your Path To An Extraordinary Life.

Are you ready to cultivate your mindset and revolutionise your life and business?

Are you ready to cultivate your mindset and revolutionise your life and business?

Who I Work With….

Who I Work With….


My clients and audiences are from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and professions.


Employees • Self-Employed • Small Businesses & Corporates


Schools • Social Enterprise • Charities

Are you ready to cultivate your mindset and revolutionise your life?

Are you ready to cultivate your mindset and revolutionise your life?

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Some Words From Our Clients

“We have worked with Desi for 6 years and she is an excellent trainer, assisting entrepreneurs to gain the confidence and skills they require for public speaking and presentations. Over the last 3 years, Desi has delivered sessions on presentation skills to participants on the advanced Female Founders Accelerator Programme and used her knowledge and techniques to help female entrepreneurs overcome their fear of public speaking. Desi is also an excellent coach, supporting people on a ‘one to one’ basis to improve their public speaking skills to become more effective speakers.”

Despina Johnson - CEO, Enterprise Enfield & The North London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“I took Desi’s Mindset M.O.T today and it was eye opening. She is very experienced at helping you find out if you have any limiting beliefs. After this M.O.T I definitely want to learn more with Desi’s help. I highly recommend doing this Mindset M.O.T if you get the chance.”
Darren Jewell, Inspirational Speaker, London

“Desi is a remarkable coach who is great at looking at relevant issues in a methodical and structured way. Consideration was given to factors that could be blocking my progress as well as key issues that would help to propel me forward and gain the success that I am looking for. Mindset, confidence and good communication skills are key, and it was great to explore them as well as lots of other positive tips and cues.”

Claudette Woolfson, Nutritionist, London

“I attended one of Desi’s workshops ‘Selling with Confidence’ and it was fantastic. I got so much out of it. Lots of great tips. Now to put it into practice!! Desi really knows her stuff & I would highly recommend working with her.”

Serena Manda, Graphic Designer & Branding Consultant, London

“I joined the Mindset Revival Blueprint to deepen my understanding of how I can influence my mindset, and it truly transformed the way I think.”

Yara Somma, Art Director, London

“Desi Christou is an absolute gem! Her professionalism and expertise shine through in every interaction. I highly recommend Desi Christou to anyone seeking to get results and better themselves, to grow their confidence and achieve more focus in the direction they want to go with their business.”

Oana Gadelean, Music Teacher & Violinist, London

“It is my pleasure to endorse Desi, based on the enlightening session she conducted on mastering mindset for success during a Women’s International Day event. Desi’s expertise in mindset and identifying limiting beliefs shone through in her sessions, fostering clarity and offering valuable insights to participants. Moreover, I had the privilege of a one-on-one session with Desi which help me to find clarity. I am happy to recommend Desi to anyone seeking guidance in personal development and mindset growth.”

Ola Soneye, I.T. Leader, London

“Desi worked with me on my presentation skills in preparation for a major event. Prior to the presentation, I was terrified, I did not feel able to communicate my message clearly, I knew what I wanted to say but it was just not coming across well. Working with Desi was more than just presentation skills training, she really helped me to develop my confidence, articulate my message clearly in a way that was engaging to the audience and really worked with me to remove those limiting beliefs. I have to say after the presentation the feedback I received was phenomenal. Thanks Desi.”

Ola O., Digital Marketing Consultant, Cambridgeshire

“Desi ran a training course  called ‘Elevate your Confidence’ for a major City-based recruitment agency  and the feedback from the attendees was excellent. All candidates reported significantly feeling more confident as a result of the day. All candidates reported being deeply impressed by the tools and techniques that they could adapt to all aspects of their work lives. We’re working with Desi again in the future such was her impact.”

Maggie Berry, Managing Director, Women in Technology UK

“Desi has been fantastic to work with and the ‘Building Confidence’ workshops that she has run for the  Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), in London, was received very well by our women members.The feedback received was so good that we decided to organise similar events for our women members.  The delegates said that they would recommend the event and would like to see more courses from Desi.   Based on this feedback, we are continuing to work with her, in order to continue to engage with our women members in various parts of the UK.  Thank you for making the event such a success!’’

Jo Foster, Membership Executive, Institute of Engineering and Technology

“Desi enabled me to overcome my life-long fear of public speaking and transform it into a joyful activity.  She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and empathetic.  Desi is particularly adept at creating a safe space in which it is possible to experiment, take risks, play and become confident in the acquisition of a new – and very valuable – skill.” 

Elaine Hopkins, aka The Redundancy Crusader

I was interested in ‘one to one’ coaching with Desi because she has expertise to alter the exercises to suit your needs, therefore you get exactly the type of assistance you require. I was particularly interested in improving the power of my voice and making my presentation delivery more engaging. Desi’s coaching has helped a great deal and I now enjoy being asked to speak and can really take advantage of opportunities to promote my organisation to large groups of people. I would highly recommend working with Desi to help you fulfil your potential.” 

Despina Johnson, CEO

“Desi is absolutely fantastic!! I did my seminar last night and it went very well – no nerves or anything! After 20 years, my fear of public speaking has gone!! Thank you soooo much!!”

Gareth, Accountant & Business Coach, London

“Desi has helped me understand how to market my business in a way that retains the essence of what I offer, without resorting to generic sales techniques. She has supported me through a massive learning curve and I feel like a different person since learning all these simple techniques. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, supportive and patient. She saw exactly what I needed and gave information to me in ways I could access and amend it according to my personality. I have significantly increased my turnover following our coaching sessions and now feel confident to network, present and push myself further to achieve my goals. I thoroughly recommend her!”  

Rochelle Cutler, Small Business Owner

“Working with Desi has been such a rewarding experience for me, she has helped enormously with a fear of public speaking and through working with her I have gone from cowering in the corner at networking events to actually looking forward to speaking – something I never thought possible.  Desi is extremely empathetic and the exercises that she gave me to do were very useful – they made me look at my business in a different light and to think about it in a more positive and forward-thinking way.”

Denise Chester, Personal Training & Nutrition Business, London

“I had several sessions with Desi prior to giving a new presentation at a major event. She listened with a perceptive ear, watched with a keen eye, and helped me shape it with pearls of wisdom. This not only improved the presentation, but also put me in a far better position to deliver it effectively.  The event was a great success…and I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Thanks Desi – you made all the difference!”

Penelope Tobin, CEO, Barrier Breakers, London

“Before seeing Desi, I recognised that I had gotten to a point where I had allowed my mindset to become destructive. My daily thoughts had started to weigh heavily, growing more knotted and tangled…and eventually unproductive. The sessions with Desi helped me learn techniques to help myself slowly dismantle my negative thought pattern, so that eventually my busy mind started to quieten and learn how to sooth itself. Desi’s inspiring, soothing words have challenged me to positively shift my perception of what I believed to be my reality. This is an investment I am so glad I made.” 

Josephine, Full-Time Mum, Part-Time Student and Aspiring Entrepreneur! London
From Chaos to Calm
“From Chaos to Calm” Coaching
  • Are you a business professional or a busy parent, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, finding it difficult to ‘switch off’?
  • Do you struggle with to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

  • Have you got a busy mind with endless ‘to-do’ lists and wonder how you will find time to get everything done?

The Confident Communicator
  • Are you a nervous public speaker or feel socially anxious?

  • Do you want to polish up on your public speaking skills so that you can deliver compelling and impactful talks or speeches that command audience attention?

  • Are you interested in becoming an influential and powerful communicator to grow your business or progress your career?

The Mindset Revival
  • Are you a woman in business, navigating the journey of entrepreneurship or finding your way in an employed career?

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut, with a sense that something is holding you back?

  • You experience self-doubts and limiting beliefs, such as “I’m not good enough?”

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