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Business skills training & coaching for small businesses, solopreneurs and industry professionals



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Welcome to Desi Christou & Associates

We are a mindset coaching and people-development business with over 15 years’ experience dedicated to transforming lives and empowering individuals helping them develop a growth mindset and create extraordinary results in life and work.

We help you overcome your challenges and transform the way you think, feel and behave which will have a positive impact on your relationships, business, career and personal life.

Our focus is on: behavioural change – eliminating limiting beliefs – building confidence – developing a growth mindset – nurturing good mental health – cultivating resilience – managing and reducing stress – overcoming your fears – setting and achieving goals; leading to personal transformations, empowerment, business success and/or career progression.

We work with a variety of individuals and audiences from diverse backgrounds from CEOs, small business owners, teachers, lawyers, accountants, students, graduates, parents, children & young people, technology professionals, women’s networks, managers, leaders, engineers, wellbeing professionals, salespeople, consultants, creatives and more, with ages ranging from 5 – 75!

We work across a range of industries from blue chips to start-ups such as accountancy, law, design, property, construction, financial services, technology, recruitment, construction, engineering, accountancy, marketing, sales, broadcasting, charitable organisations, social enterprise and education.

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Workshops & Seminars

We run a variety of personal and professional development workshops ranging from overcoming public speaking fears to cultivating mental health well-being.


We create a range of bespoke programmes from building resilience to presentation skills for groups, businesses and organisations.


Do you want to instil in your children the benefits of confidence, resilience, courage, tenacity, public speaking skills and strong mental health & well-being to help them grow into content and well-balanced young adults able to confidently deal with life and all its ups and downs?