Win Clients with Ease – Discover the Powerful Mindset Behind the Scenes

Win Clients with Ease – Discover the Powerful Mindset Behind the Scenes


I wrote this book over a time-period of 18 months back in 2016 when I had a very lively 1 year old to look after, and through some of that time, being pregnant with my second child; I would be waddling around like a duck running around after my eldest daughter, in between house chores, business activities, attending networking events and generally multi-tasking and juggling various tasks like many working parents.

I would have sporadic bursts in creativity despite my sleep deprivation and would sneak in moments of book writing when my eldest was having naps. I was determined to share my knowledge in the form of this book and inspire other solopreneurs in understanding how your mind influences your business results more than you may have ever realised. So if you would like to understand more about mindset, communication, confidence and ‘soft skills’ in business (and much much more!) then you may want to grab yourself a cuppa and order copy of my book – I think you will enjoy it.

What is Win Clients with Ease about?

This book is crafted specifically for solopreneurs, small business owners, and those engaged in client-facing roles, offering valuable insights on harnessing the power of your mind to elevate your success. An essential guide, it delves into the profound impact of mindset on business, prompting a deeper understanding. Through thought-provoking questions, I guide you to explore the intricate connections between your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, unveiling potential subconscious barriers to your success.

Covering both robust business strategies and essential ‘soft’ skills, this book empowers you to take tangible steps toward expanding your client base. Presented in a simple, conversational style, the content caters to aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, solopreneurs, and established small businesses alike. Whether you’re contemplating a business venture or seeking ways to enhance your existing one, this book is a must-read. Unlock the secrets of the mind to positively influence your business success.