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Here at Desi Christou & Associates we offer personal and executive coaching for a diverse range of themes and challenges:

  • Stress management and resilience coaching
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • How to manage and regulate your emotions
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Overcoming obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • Mental health well-being and restorative headspace
  • Public speaking fears and stage fright
  • Presentation skills: body language, voice training and workshop structure coaching
  • Performance and productivity
  • Growth mindset, personal mastery and empowerment
  • Building better relationships
  • Find purpose and fulfilment in your life
  • Executive and leadership coaching



Our coaching sessions are designed to help you transform your life at a very deep level. Whether it is business, relationship or personal coaching, it is a collaborative process which is geared to help you create a new and brighter future for you.

The heart of our coaching has you at its very core and depends on YOU and your commitment to your transformation, and what you want to overcome, create or achieve.  Our focus is to support you through our sessions, so that you can see a new future unfold for you.



Here are a few things to consider to help ensure we’re a good fit:

  • I don’t follow a particular coaching methodology. After 15 years of coaching, I bring a wealth of experience into my sessions; my methods are constantly evolving and I adapt each session focused solely on the needs of each individual person
  • I am only interested in working with people who are serious about making deep and lasting change
  • My job is not to give you answers or advice but help you change how you think from deep inside yourself
  • We take your mind in a journey and help you tap into your inner resources, courage and wisdom
  • I am 100% committed to helping you and I expect the same commitment from my clients in wanting to transform
  • I never judge
  • Your confidentiality is safe with me
  • My fees start from £250/month for a minimum 3 month engagement (6 x 60 minute sessions)
  • All compensation is paid at the start of every month and is non-refundable
  • To create deep and lasting change, it is important that you complete the recommended number of sessions, otherwise it’s a bit like starting a course of antibiotics and not finishing them

Coaching is a very personal and intimate service so it is important that we are a good fit. I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have before moving forwards.  Sessions can be conducted over Zoom. Serious and appropriate enquiries only.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you find solutions to your challenges, please contact us here, and write ‘coaching’ in the subject header and we will respond within 24 hours.