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Clarity. What is the quality of your thinking and how does it affect your state of mind?

Here’s a question for you.

Do you have a clear, calm mind for a lot of your day or do you find that on a daily basis your mind is generally cluttered with a whole load of ‘internal mind chatter’?

Perhaps random, pointless or unhelpful thoughts that just create ‘noise’ inside your head.




Negative thoughts.

Even giving yourself a hard time for a seeming lack of progress.

Feelings of being overwhelmed.

Endless ‘to-do’ lists.

Thoughts like, ‘I just have sooo much to do’.

Or even just over-thinking things and simply avoiding taking action. Yes, the dreaded procrastination. That’s like the equivalent of getting stuck waist deep in thick mud.

I would imagine that a vast number of you reading this would say that you lead fairly busy lives, juggling tasks ranging from business activities to running a home, leisure pursuits, raising children, spending time with friends and family.

Here’s the relevance – when your mind is saturated with cluttered thoughts, especially unhelpful ones, it can lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm. A busy mind combined with stress can make it much more diffficult to think clearly, making it more challenging to take sound decisions, tackle problems, discover solutions, develop effective strategic planning and taking inspired action.

Stress starts in the mind as a response to the way you think about an external circumstance, situation or event. A thought pattern if you will. The stressor is the stimulus (the external event), for example loss of business, not enough clients, feeling like you’re on the ‘treadmill of life’, not enough hours in the day, lack of time to yourself.

The more peaceful your mind is, the less of a ‘stress response’ you will have to a particular situation. The quieter your mind is, the more likely you are to think of solutions or to plan the next step. This won’t happen easily where there is lots of mental chatter or random unhelpful thoughts. Too many people lead hectic, busy lives with an energy-sapping ‘to-do’ list which seems to increase by the day.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was quoted as saying, “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Too much mental chatter drains you of your energy. One of the many problems clients bring to me are issues surrounding a lack of focus, a busy mind, procrastination and inconsistent motivation. You don’t need to meditate to have a quiet mind. It’s simply a process to still your mind. Going for a walk in nature, taking the dog out, people watching in a coffee shop, soaking in the bathtub are all ways where we can enter a meditative state.


Why is clarity important in the context of running your own business and attracting new clients?

Clarity of mind gives you a quiet mind, free of mental chatter, clutter and random noise. Clarity of thought gives you clear thinking, solutions to problems and the mind space to be able to create and implement plans and focus more on your goals more effectively.

This will give you greater clarity in the next steps to running your business. Perhaps a solution to a problem that has been niggling you for ages. Finding your focus, motivation and direction. Knowing what you want and how you will go about getting it. Clarity of mind gives rise to creativity and insight, flow and productivity. It also helps you to communicate more clearly.

For you to communicate in a more effective  way in a business context, you need clarity and coherance in your message. Think about what it is you are communicating to your audience. What messages do you want to impart? The more clarity of mind you have, the more clear, succinct and concise your message. Therefore, the more effective your communication to clients, prospective clients, stakeholders, customers, investors, employees, suppliers. It starts with knowing what you are going to convey to your audience and then how to articulate it. Hence, why clarity is vital.


So what is communication?

Communication is much more than what you say. If you would like to find out how you can communicate more effectively to increase your business success, then pleased stay tuned to the next instalment, “Communication: It’s Much More Than What You Say”.

In the meantime, if you’d like to discover more about the power of becoming a master communicator and how this will benefit you in your business life, then you may be interested to read “Win Clients with Ease: Discover the Powerful Mindset Behind the Scenes” available on Amazon: