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Communication – It’s Much More Than What You Say

Communication – It’s Much More Than What You Say

Welcome to part 6 in the blog series entitled, “Win Clients with Ease”. In this article, we will examine the concept of communication, an invaluable and crucial skill in all walks of life.

Communication comprises of speaking, feeling, thinking, creating, doing, presenting and listening. It’s abit like a recipe. Using these vehicles, you are communicating something to other people. In the previous article, we examined the importance of clarity.

The greater the clarity in your message, the greater the result you can expect in terms of attracting an increasing number of clients more easily.


Because your communication will be clearer to others receiving it.

Why is it important to communicate with clarity?

  • To communicate clearly and concisely the exact points you wish to convey to your audience, with no ambiguity so that your message is well received.
  • So that the person you are communicating with fully understands you
  • So prospective customers fully comprehend and grasp your message, understand what services you offer and how these may benefit them, what you stand for and how your product/service will provide a solution to their ‘problem’.

What is communication?

Commmunication is a means of putting across a point to another party through the use of words, voice utilisation and body language. When the other party cannot see nor hear you, then they will rely solely on the linguistic structure of your language and the meaning they attach to it. The level and quality of your communication will also be a deciding factor in how others perceive you and your communication. The quality of your thinking and feeling will impact upon your communication and affect not only self perception but also others perception of you.

Whatever beliefs and thoughts you hold about yourself – both consciously and unconsciously – may also be transmitted across unwittingly. If you harbour self-doubts, then those doubts will become subtly apparent to the other person through the tone of your voice, the types of words you use, your body language, facial expressions and how you carry your self whether you are aware of it or not.

People can form a first impression and initial perception of you quite quickly, often in as little as three seconds.

When you reach greater mastery in your communication , it will enable you to engage with a business prospect more effectively, create ripe conditions for a business relationship to grow and for a business transaction to take place.

The result?

A new client or customer.

With body language, you are communicating a series of micro-messages to the other person through unconscious physiological movements. Once you become more aware of your body language and learnt how to create a powerful impression, especially a first impression, you can then watch your influence soar.

Sometimes, texts messages and emails may be interpreted based on our own judgments, past experiences, beliefs and attitudes. This is because aspects of the non-verbal and tonal communication are lost and we become solely reliant on the written word.

Having sharp observational skills (a form of sensory acuity) is key to becoming a master in communication. This enables you to be able to ‘read the other person much more effectively, and alter your communication based on how well you have honed this particular skill.

How can you take communication to a new level?

One of the ways is through increased confidence, building the foundations of a healthy mind set, honing your sensory acuity and through the art of listening. Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment which centres around ‘The Art of Listening’. You can make a powerful impact on another person through the way you listen.

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*(Credits: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash)