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The Journey from Stress to Empowerment

With a blink of an eye, we are now well into 2020. How has your year started off?

With a bang?

With lots of good intentions that have now fallen by the wayside?

Winter is dragging on, especially with the cold and miserable days where it’s really windy. With that touch of drizzle that ruins your newly blow-dried hair.

But hopefully not your spirits.

Think about what you’re feeling right now.

What feeling would you like to feel more of?

Is it contentment, inner peace, calmness, happiness, confidence, relaxation?

I could go on. Just think about it. And notice how you feel.

Are there any feelings that you experience that make you feel uncomfortable?

Such as fear, anxiety, stress, helplessness, sadness, overwhelm?

Of course, those feelings are natural as we navigate life and experience, respond and react to external events.


Are there any feelings that you are experiencing perhaps a little ‘too much’ of and you’re tired of feeling that way?

Of course, life can be tough. It can be a rollercoaster at times. We may unexpectedly go through turbulent periods.

The list is endless.

Financial worries.


Relationship breakdowns.

Lack of fulfilment.

Job losses.

Lack of confidence.

Business downturn.

Health challenges.

Weight problems and fitness issues.

You get the idea.

Think about which part of your life that could do with a little spring-clean and a re-condition?

People will spend money on their kids, Netflix subscriptions, buying an over-priced cup of coffee from a boutique café, taking the car for an MOT, buying that really fragrant natural face cream or  expensive funky gym wear.

However. When was the last time you invested in yourself?

In your mindset.

The place that governs your self-esteem, motivation, emotional well-being and mental health.

The place where your attitudes, behaviours, thoughts and feelings arise.

How well is it working?

Could it do with a little spring clean, a mindset MOT – the equivalent of a reconditioned engine in a car or new super-software installed on a computer and unhelpful habits un-installed?

Consider how easy it is to order from online retailers, such as Amazon (they probably get a very good income from me alone!)

What about considering the possibility of ordering something for your emotional and mental well-being. Such as giving yourself a boost of confidence, a dose of well-being with a touch of inspiration thrown in for good measure.

In this instance, it would probably  the cost of around 15 cups of coffee. If you drink coffee daily, that’s probably around 2 week’s worth of café coffee.

With every day you procrastinate, you are losing something: whether loss of revenue from not pursuing opportunities, lack of career prospects, not performing at interviews, lack of fulfilment, purpose, peace of mind, confidence. It’s impacting you. It’s costing you.

I’m putting together a 3 part mini e-course: Empowering Women: How to Boost Your Confidence and Well-Being in 3 Easy Steps.

This is much better for you than coffee. It doesn’t contain caffeine and all the side effects that go with it from over-consumption.

The mini e-course is launching on 20 March 2020 and the promotional fee is just £39 for a limited time.

If you’re interested, please type in YES in the comments below and I shall keep you posted!

Enjoy the coffee for now 😉