Oh, that precious ‘thing’ that most of us would like more of if at all possible. Imagine if we had the capability in a parallel universe to be able to buy time. At the click of a button in the same way you add food items to your basket whilst doing an online food shop.

Sadly, it’s not possible in this lifetime. So we have to juggle our ‘to-do’lists in the time that we have.

Do you sometimes feel that you’re busy but not productive?

Are there moments where you feel that you’re constantly living a life of just ‘doing, doing, doing’ and then just feel exhausted?

Do you simply wish that you had some more time for yourself?

If any of these questions resonate, then you’re not alone!

If you’re a woman reading this, you’re probably a very busy woman. Rushing around perhaps looking after children, work commitments, running a home, playing social organiser. Juggling many different roles such as being a mum, sister, wife, daughter, friend, home-maker, business owner, employer or employee, cook, cleaner etc and the list goes on.

You get the idea.

Generally women typically find themselves in some sort of nurturing role, be it nurturing relationships, family, children, career, home, pets.

Where on earth do we find the time to nurture ourselves?

I had a typical morning yesterday.

Getting the children ready for nursery.

Putting on clean clothes with that freshly washed smell of fabric softener, only to then be covered in milk stains from my 21-month old daughter, all whilst cleaning up the breakfast dishes, changing a last minute nappy, feeling that I’m running out of time, making sure I remember my client folder whilst strapping her in the buggy and making sure my eldest has her scooter at the ready with her nursery food bag. Oh and remembering to hastily change into a clean shirt on the way out. Yes, we were on time, just!

And so it goes on.

Oh the joys of multi-tasking.


If you can in some ways (or even if you don’t) connect to this, remember that you are not alone.

Us women tend to prioritise other peoples’ needs over our own to varying degrees. Since becoming a mother  I’ve realised that if I don’t look after ‘me’ who will nurture the children on a day-to-day basis.

Rushing around like a rocket won’t do you any favours.

I remember this when I was stuck in a hospital bed, so sick with some sort of viral infection when I was heavily pregnant with my second child, because I thought I was super-woman and I just wasn’t taking enough time out for me.

Being bedridden and having to enlist the help of family to look after my eldest then made me realise that if you don’t take time out for you, even just for a few minutes each day, it will catch up with you eventually. Even if you don’t have the time. Especially if you don’t have the time.

Even if you have clothes sitting in the wash basket or plates in the sink. They can wait.

Do it.

Take some time out for you.

Go on.

Flick through a magazine. Sit in the garden. Go for a  walk. Have a bath. Stop making excuses as to why you don’t have the time. Do whatever floats your boat.

Just do it. Enjoy it.

With love,

Desi x

(*Credits: Photo by Black ice from Pexels)