The Mindset of Belief: Is Your Mind Chatter a Help or a Hindrance?

Your mindset is that state of mind that comes about as a result of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that cause you to feel, think and behave a certain way. Sometimes, thoughts can be a mixture of helpful and positive ones, random thoughts, ‘to-do list’ thoughts. Other times, they can be unhelpful, un-supportive, harsh and negative that can cause you to avoid opportunities, shy away from taking any kind of constructive action for fear of something ‘bad’ happening. Or just unpleasant thoughts that can make you feel, simply, rubbish.

Your thoughts have the power to inspire and motivate. Encourage and support. Or on the flip side of the coin – they can wreak havoc with your state of mind and can give rise to all sorts of negative feelings and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Thoughts that are self-limiting can be ones like, “I’ll never be truly successful…”,“I’m not good enough…”, “I’m useless at delivering presentations…”, “Other peoples’ opinions are more valid than mine…”

You get the idea.

These are limiting assumptions based on your own beliefs and perceptions around your self and the world.

Negative thoughts which assume a negative outcome.

The good news is that you can change your thoughts and beliefs which will cause you to feel and behave differently, such that the action you take will result with a totally different outcome.

A good starting point is to “say it the way you want it.” To focus on what you WANT.

If you were to think to yourself, “Don’t think of a purple elephant,” what happens?

You most likely will think of or picture a purple elephant.

You can start real possible change right now with that shift and awareness in thinking.

One new thought and fresh thinking has the power to change your mind and transform your life.

This leads nicely onto the next article: “How the Quality of your Thoughts Influence your Motivation, Behaviours and Actions.”

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