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2016 draws to a close…. What is in store in 2017? It’s time to reflect….

The countdown towards the end of the year has begun… Perhaps you’re beginning to reflect on what you’ve achieved in 2016. Maybe you have great plans for 2017 but you’re unsure how to go about them. You may be busy juggling home life, relationships, children and your business. It may seem that there are not enough hours in the day. There’s a selection of tasks you need to do but you say to yourself that you’ll do them later. Procrastination and disorganisation start to seep in. Business niggles consume you. How do you persuade clients to appreciate the full value of your service? It’s frustrating when you realise that sometimes you may get in the way of yourself and become engrossed in unhelpful thoughts. Self-doubts come and go like floating clouds. You realise you avoid delivering a longer presentation because you feel nervous and fear what may happen. What could go wrong? Unhelpful to your mind and hindering to your business.

What aspects in your business and your mindset do you think you need to improve on in 2017?

Ask yourself these questions and ponder the answers…

What are the top 5 things in your business that are working very well?

List 5 aspects that you could improve on.

What is stopping you from taking action on those 5 aspects if you haven’t done so already?

If there were 3 things that you know would propel your business forwards in 2017, what would they be and why haven’t you implemented them so far?

New beginnings start with food for thought… Feeding your mind with clarity and calmness. Which leads to contemplation, a clear mind, lucid thinking, positive self-talk, strong motivation, superb time management and organisation, clear strategies, inspired action = greater business successes and fantastic results. A more fulfilled YOU.

It’s time to reflect. What do you want to experience and achieve in 2017? Have a think…

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