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The Allure of Congruence and the Power of Credibility

Hello, and welcome to Part 9 of the Win Clients with Ease blog series.

The Allure of Congruence and the Power of Credibility

What is congruence ? Essentially the dictionary definition is ‘harmony, agreement and conformity’.

For example, if you are selling a product that you don’t believe in, that’s incongruence.

If you are lying, you are being incongruent.

If you are suggesting to others that you are extremely happy, yet your body language is closed and hunched up, your voice tails off and sounds depressive, that’s incongruence.

Likewise, if a fitness trainer and nutritionist is overweight and in poor shape and the nutritionist has a poor diet, that’s incongruence.

You get the idea.

Incongruence implies mismatch.

Congruence is an asset. A congruent person will be seen as someone who practises what they preach, who is sincere in what they do and say and is authentic.

Those are incredible selling points.

Congruence creates trust, rapport and increases your credibility.

Congruence and credibility nurture skills and abilities such as:

  • Influence and persuasion
  • Leadership
  • Courage
  • Conviction

These skills and qualities will position you as an authority, an expert in your field and help you increase your sales from a mindset perspective.

The next article will look at taking action towards increasing your sales.

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