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How the Quality of Your Thoughts Influence your Behaviours, Actions , Motivation and Presentation.

How the Quality of Your Thoughts Influence your Behaviours, Actions , Motivation and Presentation.

In the previous article, we examined how your thoughts influence your mindset and your feelings. The result of your thoughts and feelings will then determine your behaviours, actions and motivation. The opposite of motivation is in-action, procrastination and stagnation.

Thoughts, beliefs and feelings affect this in a big way. When the quality of your thinking is at an optimum level, your mind is lucid and clear, you will be able to take better decisions, act with vigour, enthusiasm and feel inspired and motivated.

What do you think happens to your results, productivity, progress and levels of success when you have clearer thinking, have relatively high levels of motivation (apart from sometimes where we all have ‘off days’)?

Think about that.

Where are you at now?

Begin to monitor the quality of your thinking. It’s the cornerstone of your mindset. Your mindset affects how you present yourself.  The quality of your thinking is transmitted subconsciously through your voice tone and body language without you even being consciously aware of it. This will affect how you come across to others.

How are you presenting yourself?

I was just writing up a proposal for a business organisation to deliver some presentation skills workshops for small business owners. What I discussed with the CEO was how many small business owners simply shy away from delivering presentations to an audience for fear of ‘what may happen’.  Fear of rejection, embarrassment, worry of what people are thinking, being ridiculed, heckled, blushing, mind going blank etc are common worries.

That quality of thinking will lead to a lowered state of mind which will come across in your demeanour and how you carry yourself.

You are constantly presenting yourself, whether you are speaking to someone at a business networking event, at a work ‘do’, in a meeting, at a  1-2-1 or delivering a presentation to a larger audience.

When you’re about to deliver a presentation, what are you thinking?

What is going on in your mind?

How are you feeling?

Are those thoughts and feelings helpful and productive or do they simply make you feel ‘bad’?

Avoidance of presentations or delivering one and ‘getting it over and done with as quickly as possible’ is simply the quickest way to a potential loss of revenue and new clients.

Transforming those thoughts are like stepping stones rather than one huge leap.

I think of it in this way.

Negative thinking àquietening your mindàneutral thinkingàquiet mindàinspirational thinkingàquiet mindàGET OUT THERE AND DO IT!!

The next article, The Power of Presentation: How are you Presenting Yourself?  will shed some light.

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