In today’s challenging economic climate, how you come across to others in the business world is paramount to your success. With lots of people offering similar services, what is that ‘X-Factor’ that makes you stand out from the ‘crowd’ that goes beyond quality, experience, recommendations, value and price etc. That’s right – it’s YOU!  This is especially true if you do a lot of business networking, face-to-face meetings with potential clients, deliver presentations and attend interviews. How you conduct yourself is crucial.

You need to stand out and be a little different – people will REMEMBER you much more, so the impact you make has to be quick, positive and memorable. How do you do this? By cultivating your ‘inner magnetism’ & charisma and presenting yourself with confidence.

Every time you speak with people and share knowledge and information, you are in fact, presenting! This is true whether you are speaking with one person or to an audience of 100 people. It’s less about what you say, but rather ‘how’ you say things and what your body language is saying about you. Did you know that only 7% of our communication is through words, 38% through tone of voice and a whopping great 55% happens through our physiology, postures, gestures and body language!

Unless people are buying some sort of online product like a book or DVD where the personal touch isn’t immediate, when people are buying a personal service they are buying YOU as well as your knowledge and expertise.

So what are the benefits of learning how to present yourself with confidence by cultivating your inner magnetism?

*speak to people and audiences with charisma, confidence and credibility

*being able to get into rapport with anyone at any time

*increased success at gaining clients and turning prospects into paying customers

*make a positive impact on others through the way you present yourself

*higher referral & recommendation rate

*higher level of repeat business

*excelling at interviews

*a fabulous reputation

Do you want to know how to create that charisma, that personal glow and magnetism that makes people talk about you for a long time afterwards for all the RIGHT reasons?

Obviously it goes without saying that you have to also be good at what you do and conduct business in an ethical manner.  Using tried-and-tested marketing tools (especially when you’re running your own business) is essential because unless you have a very high referral rate, you’ll need to be comfortable with marketing yourself and your services. But this is where having that ‘magnetic glow’ about you is so important and being confident in presenting yourself magically.

What do we mean by ‘inner magnetism’?

It’s what you exude to others, the way you carry yourself, the way you talk conveying an inner confidence, a charisma, and a positive, impactful presence. Likeability and impact is important in the business world. Sure, there are some people out there who are not likeable nor ethical, who do well initially – but that kind of success is usually very short lived. When people are good at what they do AND they exude that inner magnetism and use it in the most ethical way, then business success is long-lasting.

It’s that ‘X-Factor’ – that certain something about someone that makes them noticed (I’m not talking about physical attractiveness here) – it’s the positive energy that a person radiates to others.

It’s the person who stands out from the ‘crowd’… they have ‘something about them’ perhaps, they exude a quiet confidence (without being in your face), they seem trustworthy and sincere (very important as some people mis-sell just to get business) and they seem to understand people and what makes them tick.

So what kind of impact can a person with ‘magnetism’ make?

  • they can hold the attention of an entire room
  • they have a high success rate with turning prospects into paying clients
  • they do very well at interviews and secure job offers
  • they can wow an audience
  • they are able to attract many friends and potential partners
  • people feel good around them
  • they have a wonderful reputation
  • they are a master of communication
  • they are very good at building rapport with people – they are very likeable

How do you do develop your inner magnetism?

When you cultivate your personal magnetism, you’ll be able to make a positive impact on people and leave them captivated. You’ll be able to engage audiences easily. When you develop your magnetism and make a positive impact on people, you’ll be able to affect how they think which goes beyond the words you use.

Remember, only 7% of our communication is through words so the remainder of your communication is 38% through your tone of voice (the way you say something) and 55% is through your body language that ‘speaks’ volumes. This includes your physical stance, postures, facial expressions, eye movements, hand gestures and how you even breathe. Every time you speak to another person – you are in fact, presenting!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Listen more and talk less. You actually make MORE of an impact by genuinely listening to other people and attempting to understand them rather than by just talking at them.
  • Smile! You can’t not smile back at someone who is smiling at you, can you?
  • Stand up straight or sit upright
  • Keep your physical gestures to a minimum for the time being otherwise people will get more distracted by your random movements (there are very specific gestures you can use that have very specific meanings across cultures that are very impactful when used in the correct manner as taught on my “Presenting with Confidence” course.
  • Be sincere. Always say what you mean and mean what you say. People will notice if you are being incongruent (when your subtle physiology and words don’t match)
  • Eye contact: look at the area between the top of the other person’s nose and between their eyes. AVOID direct eye contact NOR looking at the other person’s lips – that’s too intimate and intense.

What if you developed your ‘inner magnetism’ and X-Factor through “Presenting with Confidence”?

You’ll be able to…

  • increase your success rate in attracting more clients
  • wow audiences
  • more repeat business
  • higher referral and recommendation rate
  • achieve greater success at interviews

If you are interested in achieving the above, then you may be interested in our “Presenting with Confidence” course which teaches you how to develop your inner magnetism and present yourself to others more effectively, with more confidence so you can create an impact wherever you go!

For more information and to make a booking, give us a ring on 0845 388 8213  quoting “Presenting with Confidence” and we will be happy to assist you! More articles on presenting yourself coming soon!