Those unpleasant emotions are feelings that we all experience from time to time. It’s called being human, certainly, when they are rare thoughts and very short lived. However, if they are occurring more frequently than you would like, and you find yourself over-worrying about things in your life and doubting yourself, then read on! Or feel free to read on even if you’re just curious!

Perhaps it’s 3am at night and you wake up and suddenly you feel the need to think about or fix all of your current niggles that you’re experiencing. You start thinking about what you need to do, or things that you haven’t done. You’re worried about your career or where it’s headed. Or you just don’t feel fulfilled in your role at work. Are you earning enough money? Maybe your partner is getting on your nerves. And then before you know it, it’s suddenly 5am and you’ve been awake for hours just thinking, thinking, THINKING! It can get quite noisy in your head sometimes. Usually afterwards, you don’t feel that much better having ‘overthought’ things in your life that aren’t going quite aswell as you want them to or not going to plan. And that’s if you have a plan!  And you’ve spent so much time thinking about it too with no solution!! What’s that about? Or maybe you just don’t quite know where your life is headed, it’s seemingly  a little scary entering the unknown…  Or is it…

I was coaching a client this morning. She was often worrying about her career, finances and whether she was good enough. She was constantly in her head, thinking, thinking, THINKING! Subsequently, she then realised that she was not enjoying herself much as she spent so much time in her HEAD, just thinking, thinking, THINKING! You get the idea.

Have you ever had self-doubting thoughts? They can be irritating and downright unhelpful can’t they? In fact, they can seemingly create huge obstacles between where you are now and where you’d want to be. And that’s if you know where you want to be.

Thoughts. They can get you down or pull you up. Beliefs? Well, they are just the result of thoughts and what you think about and therefore govern your unconscious behaviour. So what would happen if your mind just got so quiet, ever so calm, like a lake, still, peaceful, serene, relaxed…. What would happen then?

Next instalment coming soon…. How your thoughts are tied in to your CONFIDENCE. What would it mean to you to have more self-belief, confidence, higher self esteem and actually really liking and valueing yourself?  Just consider it….for now…

Speak soon,

Desi x