Thoughts, confidence and your sense of self… What’s the link?

As we swelter in the welcome summer spell in July 2013, most of us enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on our skin. The lighter evenings and warmer weather naturally makes us feel better inside. However wouldn’t it be good to feel good inside pretty much most of the time rather than just when it was warm and sunny? I can imagine the answer would be a resounding yes!

So as I sit here and type, I’m looking out at the garden in full bloom. The roses are the most luscious shade of pink, yellow and red I’ve seen for a while. As I ponder the beauty of the sprawling tall pine tree towering over the garden, providing welcome shade for the natural wildlife, I wanted to write about the link between what you think, how you feel about yourself and how confident you are inside.

About 90% of my client base are females, usually somewhere between the ages of 28-57 and some of the most common themes I work with in my busy coaching practise are women who are plagued with self-doubt and lack of confidence, anxiety, worry, stress and simply the sense that they have so much to do, with very little luxury time for themselves. From my own personal experience, it’s across the board no matter what their ‘role’ is in life, from housewives to small business owners to CEOs. Many of these women are hugely successful, and inspite of their ‘outside’ successes, even if it’s both in their personal and professional life, they still feel stressed, worn out, doubt themselves and are simply unfulfilled.

What’s really going on here? What happens when someone’s external circumstances seem relatively fine but yet they feel unfulfilled, stressy, worried and doubt themselves?

The key is in your perceptions of your external environment and in the way your perceive yourself. And I’m not just talking about your conscious internal dialogue, thoughts that you are aware of.  It goes far deeper, into the recesses of your unconscious mind where you may be perceiving your external circumstances in a way that goes beyond your conscious awareness…..  It is this that governs how you feel about yourself and your life, no matter what your circumstances are.

Wouldn’t it be good to feel calm, centred and confident no matter what goes on around you?  After all, life can be a rollercoaster at times. It throws challenges at us often when we least expect it, and sometimes a few stressful events can seemingly happen at the same time and can sometimes knock you off your perch, and I know because I’ve been through it myself too.

It’s that confident, calm and centred sense of self that connects you to a place of inner fulfilment, peace and joy in your life, inspite of your circumstances. When you are in this place, you will be able to handle life’s challenges in a more confident, calm and peaceful manner, and you will be able to connect with people and appreciate your external environment in a much, much deeper way. And of course, when you’re like this, you will come across differently to other people, magnetising them by your presence. Which is very important certainly in business when making a powerful impression in meetings, presentations, interviews and networking events!

More coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled!  Time for a bowl of organic vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries….

Best wishes,

Desi x

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